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    COMPANY INTRODUCTION: NCPM MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD. Major sale projects have electric combine formalization machinery system; nonstandard special fixture & jig , manufacture, testing and so on equipment design & manufacture; exactitude parts manufacture base on the artworks supplied by customers.

    EQUIPMENT CAPABILITIES: Lathe, Milling machine, grinding machine, internal/ outside grinder, spark machine, prompt/tardiness thread cut, manufacture center and so on exactitude equipments, manufacture exactitude achieving at 0.002mm;In-phase equipped with  micrometer, sclerometer, umbriferous instrument, height instrument etc exactitude inspection instruments, inspection precision achieving at 0.001mm.

    MANUFACTURE CHARACTERISTIC:Manufacturing according to customer drawing or samples showing incarnate our company manufacture abilities & professional abilities. Special manufacture technology and technique level acknowledged and supported by many Japan capitalization enterprises & America capitalization enterprises & Hongkong capitalization enterprises. SERVICE SUPPLY: Business development and design technique quick march, tenet to supply customers effective technique service, decreasing customer manufacture cost; Starting at tool/jig/fixture, manufacture equipment improvement and correction in order to improve production ability or assist customer engineer to solve  detail engine projects effectually. Advisory business development and design development services are the director of many exactitude fixture development.

    QUALITY CONTROL: According to ISO9001 quality control standard procedure, total quality management and put quality analyse is the foundation of achieving at quality plan propose; reducing quality failure cost and control outside unsuccessful cost to satisfy customers quality and delivery requirements.

    QUALITY POLICY: Quality excellence, Prefect service, Delight our customer!

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